We’re All About Festivals

When summer arrives, it is time to plan events outdoors and spend as much time in the sunshine as possible. It is a time to be with friends and family, enjoying what makes life great; food, music, and art. There is no better way to do this than to attend a festival devoted to your favorite cultural element. This is why we created this website.

With so many festivals popping up every day, it can be a chore to keep them all straight. So, we decided to provide festival lovers with a comprehensive resource to help them with this. If you visit our site regularly, you will never again miss your favorite band, or find out about an amazing food event the week after it happened. We are your complete online resource for all things festival, and we take our job seriously.

Our staff is comprised of experts in their field; professional festival goers. We have representatives who love every type of festival whether it be art, wine, music, or theater. Each summer we painstakingly sift through the hundreds of festivals scheduled and compile lists of suggestions in every genre. We do not limit ourselves to one region, we scour the globe in search of the best one-day, three-day, and week long events.

If you love festivals, this site was made for you. Our information is accurate and current so you will never miss another event. If you want to get out in the sun but have no destination in mind, read our top five lists where you will find suggestions for your specific taste and style. They are here for you to use.

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