Top Five Food Festivals in the UK

Everyone can appreciate good food. That is why these festivals are so popular. Each showcases local cuisine and dining establishments from the area. Food festivals are a perfect way to sample new cuisine and snack your way through an enjoyable day. And, these five are the best the UK has to offer.

Great British Food Festival, Cheshire

This entertaining festival includes the most historic British cuisines and it includes an extra emphasis on baking. Attendees can even enter the great bake-off and win prizes in a variety of categories. The festival provides activities for children in a designated area while adults will enjoy wine and cocktails at culinary masterclasses for the serious eater.

British Asparagus Festival, Worcestershire

If you love asparagus, this festival is for you. Its time to celebrate the beginning of the growing season. The festival includes multiple exhibits explaining the cultivation of several foods in the region. Visitors will enjoy cooking demonstrations and asparagus-related activities including spear throwing. Don’t miss the Great Asparagus run where a race is held with participants holding the events namesake food.

East Anglian Game and Country Faire, Norfolk

This festival is a celebration of the English countryside, and the rural areas are well represented. Exhibits include falconry experts, sheep shearers, and even the occasional horse whisperer. Foods from all over the world are represented in more than 100 stalls in an eclectic testament to the culinary arts.

Porthleven Food Festival

A three-day festival, this event mixes dining with great music to entertain its throngs of visitors. Due to its proximity to the sea, you can expect plenty of offering from the ocean, presented in a fun and unique way.

Vegfest Bristol

Vegfest is devoted to the vegan lifestyle. It attempts to educate the general public in ethical food practices while retaining a fun atmosphere filled with art and music.

These five food festivals showcase a variety of cuisines and offer something for everyone. All have kid-friendly districts with fun and educational activities. For a great time, sampling diverse fare, try a few of these events this summer.

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