Religious Festivals in the UK

The original UK festivals were held by Pagans to mark the passing of seasons and to honor important events such as the fall harvest. Over time, new cultures replaced the old belief systems with their own and modified local festivals to match their religion. Today, religious festivals still exist and they are attended by hundreds of thousands of devotees every year. Here are four popular religious festivals still held in the UK.

Diwali in Leicester

The largest celebration of Diwali, the festival of lights, outside of India happens every year in Leicester. Thousands of people, including those who practice the Sikh and Jain religions gather for a day of food and entertainment. Then, at precisely 7:30, more than 6500 multi-colored lots are illuminated to the delight of the festival goers.

Obby Oss in Cornwall

For most, May Day does not have religious connotations but the holiday is actually steeped in Celtic beliefs about fertility and the deities that govern childbirth. In a Cornwall tradition dating back centuries, hundreds of revelers tip a pint while two mighty osses bedecked with hoop skirts parade through town.

Eid-ul-Fitr in Trafalgar Square

Fast breaking at the end of Ramadan is cause for celebration and in Trafalgar Square thousands of people gather every year to celebrate their return to eating. The festival is a collection of food, music, and entertainment organized by the Muslim community but is open to all.

Beatrix Potter Easter Egg Hunt

Many theories abound as to how hunting coloured eggs is tied to the Christian holiday of Easter, but it is clear that people enjoy gathering in the home of Peter Rabbit’s creator every year to celebrate springtime. The venue includes a replica of the garden made famous by the author’s children’s books which is open before and after the great hunt.

These are just a few of the religious festivals still attended in the UK. The next time you want to celebrate a high holiday in a unique way, or experience a different culture entirely, try one of these events for a day of fun.

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