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Religious Festivals in the UK

The original UK festivals were held by Pagans to mark the passing of seasons and to honor important events such as the fall harvest. Over time, new cultures replaced the old belief systems with their own and modified local festivals to match their religion. Today, religious festivals still exist and they are attended by hundreds of thousands of devotees every year. Here are four popular religious festivals still held in the UK.

A Brief History of Music Festivals

Music festivals have become the perfect summer time event. Everyone loves to relax in the sunshine, surrounded by crowds of like-minded people and listening to favorite songs played by beloved artists. But where did this tradition begin and how did it evolve to become so popular? Well, it appears you have the ancient Greeks to thank.

Roots in Ancient Greece

Modern music festivals have their origins in ancient Greece. Many millennia ago, this ancient civilization held a five-day event devoted to Apollo, the god of music and poetry. The celebration was called the Pythian Games, in honor of Apollo killing the Pythos dragon.

As the Pythian Games grew in popularity, other parts of Greece joined in the fun and began holding their own festivities in honor of their favorite deities. This tradition outlasted the Greeks and was assumed by the Romans, whose festivals honored the god of wine, Bacchus. In time, the Romans also left but the festivals remained and spread throughout Europe, but waned during the middle and dark ages.

The Evolution of Modern Festivals

The 1960s saw a rebirth of music festivals, led by the famous event at Woodstock. In the 70’s and 80’s festivals such as Glastonbury, Lillith Faire, and Burning Man gained in popularity while smaller events popped up all over the countryside every summer.

Top Five Food Festivals in the UK

Everyone can appreciate good food. That is why these festivals are so popular. Each showcases local cuisine and dining establishments from the area. Food festivals are a perfect way to sample new cuisine and snack your way through an enjoyable day. And, these five are the best the UK has to offer.

Great British Food Festival, Cheshire

This entertaining festival includes the most historic British cuisines and it includes an extra emphasis on baking. Attendees can even enter the great bake-off and win prizes in a variety of categories. The festival provides activities for children in a designated area while adults will enjoy wine and cocktails at culinary masterclasses for the serious eater.